DESCRIPTION: Wiseowls average 5 feet 4 inches in height and 80 pounds in weight. Wiseowls have wing-like arms and bodies covered with feathers. Wiseowls’s feathers range from brown to gray to with almost white speckling. The bones of the Wiseowls are hollow. This combination of hollow bones and wing-arms give Wiseowls the ability of flight for short distances.

PERSONALITY: Wiseowls are know for their mental and spiritual disciplines. They are often quite religious.

LIMITED FLIGHT: Wiseowls are capable of flight over short distances at a rate of 20 feet. This flight can only be sustained for a maximum of three rounds. Wiseowls can only carry an additional 40 pounds while flying.

SIZE: Medium
MOVEMENT: 20 feet
ATTRIBUTE MODIFIERS: +1 Wisdom, – 1 Constitution


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